Our Next Events & Market's Are
Our next market's are:
JANUARY -  Saturday 11th - Orton Farmers Market;  Saturday 18th Stainton Producers Market; Saturday 25th- Brampton Farmers Market;  Fri 31st - Kendal Farmers Market;  
FEBRUARY - Saturday 1st - Barnard Castle Farmers Market;   Fri 28th - Kendal Farmers Market;  Saturday 29th - Brampton Farmers Market.
The first market of the year in Penrith is in March and we won't be at Cartmel until March either. 
Under £100 we charge £12 to cover the cost of the next day courier service. We have a minimum order value of £35 excluding delivery. Please see Terms page for details.
Venison sausage, thick links
Item code: 233
Price: £ 3.80

 A thick linked sausage, minimum 85% lean venison with herbs, no pork, no added fat, no added colour.  A meaty sausage with little if any fat.  Great oven baked and in casseroles as well as fried and grilled.  This same mix is available as a thin linked sausage.  If you don't eat pork please order the thin linked version which is in a lamb casing not pork casing.
ALLERGENS: Wheat (gluten), Preservative E221 (sulphite)
CASINGS: All our sausages are made in natural casings, thin sausages are made in lamb casings, thick sausages in hog(pig) casings. These sausages are made in HOG casings.

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