Our Next Events & Market's Are
Our next market's are:
JANUARY -  Saturday 11th - Orton Farmers Market;  Saturday 18th Stainton Producers Market; Saturday 25th- Brampton Farmers Market;  Fri 31st - Kendal Farmers Market;  
FEBRUARY - Saturday 1st - Barnard Castle Farmers Market;   Fri 28th - Kendal Farmers Market;  Saturday 29th - Brampton Farmers Market.
The first market of the year in Penrith is in March and we won't be at Cartmel until March either. 
Under £100 we charge £12 to cover the cost of the next day courier service. We have a minimum order value of £35 excluding delivery. Please see Terms page for details.
Venison Haunch Steak
Item code: 215
Price: £ 6.26

 An easily cooked tasty venison steak from the leg, not quite as tender as steaks from the venison loin but still very tender and more meat for your money.  Packed singly or in 2's; 100 to 200gm steaks available.  To cook the steak medium rare try frying in a hot pan  for 4 minutes on the first side, 3 minutes on the second and then rest for 5 minutes.

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