Our Next Events & Market's Are
Our next events and market's are:
FEBRUARY - Saturday 2nd - Barnard Castle Farmers Market; MARCH - Saturday 2nd - Barnard Castle Farmers Market; Saturday 9th - Orton Farmers Market; Friday 15th - Cartmel Local Producers Market; Tuesday 19th - Penrith Farmers Market;  Fri 29th - Kendal Farmers Market; Saturday 30th - Brampton Farmers Market;  
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Dexter Beef Shin - for a really long slow cook, a distinctive flavour
Item code: 517
Price: £ 4.76

Slices of shin cooked long and slow make the tasiest of casseroles. The majority of the sinews disappear into the sauce during cooking providing a distinctive flavour. There are one or two slices in a pack.

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