Our Next Events & Market's Are
Our next events and market's are:
AUGUST - Saturday 3rd - Barnard Castle Farmers Market; Saturday 10th - Orton Farmers Market;  Friday 16th- Cartmel Local Producers Market; Saturday 17th - Stainton Producers Market; Tuesday 20th - Penrith Farmers Market;   Fri 30th - Kendal Farmers Market;  Saturday 31st - Brampton Farmers Market. 
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Dexter Beef Rump steak
Item code: 507
Price: £ 5.36

It's often claimed that rump steak has more flavour than sirloin whilst not quite as tender and certainly some people favour rump over sirloin as there's less fat.   Our dexter beef rump steak's are cut thick and with good marbling and a little fat to keep the steak moist during cooking this is another great tasting steak. We pack them singly, however the size varies a lot due to shape of the muscle and one portion is often more than enough to share.

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