Our Next Events & Market's Are
Our next events and market's are:
MAY - Saturday 4th - Barnard Castle Farmers Market; Saturday 11th - Orton Farmers Market;  Friday 17th - Cartmel Local Producers Market;  Tuesday 21st - Penrith Farmers Market;  Saturday 25th - Brampton Farmers Market;  Fri 31st - Kendal Farmers Market;
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Dexter Beef Fore Rib
Item code: 530
Price: £ 15.78

A favourite classic  roasting joint, the Dexter's small size means even a full 4 rib roast is not too big for a family meal.  Please order this well in advance if possible as this is a popular cut.  Most people prefer it on the bone, but if you prefer your rib boned and rolled just let us know.


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