Our Next Events & Market's Are
Our next events and market's are:
October - Sat 6th - Barnard Castle Farmers Market; Sat 13th - Orton Farmers Market; Tuesday 16th - Penrith Farmers Market; Friday 19th - Cartmel Local Producers Market;  Fri - 26th - Kendal Farmers Market; Saturday 27th - Brampton Farmers Market.
Under £100 we charge £12 to cover the cost of the next day courier service. We have a minimum order value of £35 excluding delivery. Please see Terms page for details.
Dexter Beef
Dexter beef has a distinctive traditional beef flavour with marbling and enough fat cover to provide great flavour. Extensively and slowly reared on grass and conserved grass (silage & hay) in the winter, our Dexter beef is a more mature beef than more commercially produced beef. Our cattle are finished at 27-30 months, we hang the beef as a carcase for 3 weeks.