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We won't be attending any farmers markets for a while.  

If its practical and we are in your area we will deliver to your door for FREE, otherwise we will send your order by courier.  You are welcome to collect orders from the farm. 

see above for Orders to Cumbrian Postcodes
Under £100 we charge £12 to cover the cost of the next day courier service. We have a minimum order value of £35 excluding delivery. Please see Terms page for details.

Mail Order Supply & Delivery Terms

Orders. We can only supply to UK addresses. A delivery date for your order to Deer & Dexter will be confirmed by telephone or email, we aim to do this within 48 hours of receipt on a Monday to Thursday, and 72 hours if the order is received on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

If an order is received before 7am on a Tuesday we can sometimes dispatch it for delivery that week, subject of course to availability. However our throughput is small, carcases vary in size and our Dexter beef is traditionally hung, so certain cuts (particularly of beef, but also larger venison joints) are not always available within the week, so if you can give more notice it is always appreciated.

Delivery days - Orders are normally dispatched on a Wednesday for delivery the following day. If this is not convenient other delivery days (excluding Sunday & Monday) are possible. We do not guarantee a delivery time on our standard delivery service. Morning and Saturday deliveries can be arranged with a surcharge.

Orders for specific delivery dates - Orders can be placed in advance and a specific delivery week or day requested.

Minimum Order Value. We have a minimum order value of £35, excluding the delivery charge of £12.

Delivery Charges - These charges assume the delivery address is in mainland Britain.

• Orders over £100 are delivered free.
• For orders under £100 delivery COSTS £12.

Ordering - we prepare to order and are happy to cut and pack to suit your needs. The pack sizes shown are there as a guide, carcase sizes vary and so do the size of joints and steaks. Please let us know if you'd like a pack size or meat cut that's not listed as an option When ordering joints and steaks you will be charged on the actual weight of the meat dispatched, not the price listed.

Not going to be home - the courier service we use, APC ( - a national network of small local courier firms), will leave the parcel in a safe place and don't require a signature. It is therefore essential that you provide details of where the box can be left if you are not home when they call, this may be with a neighbour, but could also be in the garage, a shed in the garden, the recycling bin under the hedge, anywhere provided its practical for the courier and you are confident it is secure and sheltered from the weather, particularly the sun. Ideally we'd also like a telephone number both we and the courier can use.
Please, if your delivery has not arrived by 4pm, call us.

Refunds - If you are not satisfied please contact Deer & Dexter within 24 hours of receipt. Refunds will only be given if we are notified immediately. A refund will not be offered if the courier attempted to deliver on the agreed date to the address provided and delivery was not possible.

Shelf Life. All the meat dispatched by Deer & Dexter is supplied fresh and suitable for home freezing. We vacum pack the meat this gives 10 days refrigerated shelf life provided the meat is stored at less than 5C. The vacum pack also provides good protection in the freezer. Sausage & burgers etc have a 5 day shelf-life unless you've ordered them with no preservative, in which case they must be eaten on the day of receipt or frozen immediately.

Meat for Deer & Dexter mail order is prepared, packed, individually labelled and chilled before being placed in an insulated box. It is covered with a re-usable ice sheets immediately prior to dispatch to ensure the meat remains chilled in transit.

Re-use & Recycle your packaging. In everything we (Deer & Dexter) do, whether on the farm, in the butchery or when marketing our venison and Dexter beef, we do our best to minimise our impact on the environment. For this reason we don't use polystyrene boxes which are hard to recycle. Instead we use a 2-part system, the outer is recyclable cardboard, the inner, is a reflective foil with high thermal properties which can be re-used.