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Dexter beef has a distinctive traditional beef flavour with marbling and enough fat cover to provide great flavour. Extensively and slowly reared on grass and conserved grass (silage & hay) in the winter, our Dexter beef is a more mature beef than more commercially produced beef. Our cattle are finished at 27-30 months, we hang the beef as a carcase for 3 weeks. 
Dexter Beef for fryingDexter Beef for frying
Dexter beef for roastingDexter beef for roasting
Dexter Beef for potroastingDexter Beef for potroasting
When cooked long and slow these joints of Dexter beef provide a wonderful flavour as well as being tasty and tender, ideal for the slow cooker.
Dexter Beef for casserolesDexter Beef for casseroles
Sausage & burgersSausage & burgers
Hand-made using lean Dexter beef, all our burgers, sausage & grill-stick are 80%plus lean meat content.

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